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Ear Microsuction Swanley

At our health and wellness clinic, we are proud to offer ear microsuction in Swanley. This cutting-edge technology helps to remove wax build-up and other debris from the ear canal in a safe and painless manner. Our experienced practitioner is able to perform this treatment safely in our Swanley clinic.

Not only does this procedure help to improve hearing, but it also helps to reduce the risk of developing infections. Our experienced practitioners are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care and are always available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. We look forward to helping you improve your health and wellness through ear microsuction.

Ear microsuction Swanley

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Why Ear Microsuction Is So Important

Hearing is such an important sense, which is why is makes sense to ensure our ears are in good working order. At Black Ivy Aesthetics & Microsuction in Swanley, we can provide you with an ear check to inspect your ears and see whether ear microsuction would be a suitable treatment for your health. To find the latest prices for our ear microsuction in Swanley, visit our Fees page.

When it comes to your hearing, it's important to see a healthcare professional. Our ear microsuction is performed at our Swanley clinic by Ben, who has undergone extensive training and has worked for the NHS and in GP surgeries. You can find out more about our experienced team members on the Our Team page.

Are ear microsuction and ear wax removal the same thing?

For anyone considering ear wax removal they may be new to the phrase ear microsuction, but they are essentially the same thing. Wax is gently removed from the ear canal with a small device by our healthcare professional, allowing you to hear better.

How much does ear microsuction in Swanley cost at Black Ivy Aesthetics?

For all our latest pricing for treatments and services, visit our Fees page. Currently, you will see two prices relevant to ear microsuction. The first is bilateral ear microsuction and the second is for an ear check.

If you have any questions or concerns about ear microsuction prices or the treatment itself please get in touch with our friendly team members using the contact form on the Contact Us page.

What our ear microsuction in Swanley clients say

"I visited Black Ivy last week to have the ear wax microsuction done. The staff were all lovely, made me feel so comfortable from the get go. The procedure itself was painless and reasonably priced. 10/10 would recommend."


Paige, as seen on Google Reviews

Treatment: Ear Microsuction Swanley

"Had the ear wax microsuction done with Ben… I was very nervous but the lovely staff put me at my ease and Ben was very gentle and attentive. Can’t recommend this clinic highly enough. They were friendly, professional and knowledgable and very competitively priced. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!"


Cassie, as seen on Google Reviews

Treatment: Ear Microsuction Swanley

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